Shilian Exhibition Tourism

Shilian Exhibition Tourism is a trump card project built by Shilian Group. Shilian Exhibition Tourism will integrate all high-quality resources and allocate them reasonably, including: customized theme tours for teams, professional tour leaders, local star-rated tour guides, personalized itineraries, and one-stop butler service. Organically integrate the three categories of conferences, exhibitions and tourism, improve efficiency, improve quality, and wholeheartedly provide users with a full range of thoughtful services.

At that time, Shilian Convention and Exhibition Tourism will give full play to its own advantages, conduct in-depth docking and communication with relevant project parties, undertakers and service parties, and adjust, upgrade and improve the mode and content of conferences and exhibitions in real time, and then integrate with the tourism industry ingeniously. . The three major industries are linked to form a favorable business opportunity of "1+1+1 is greater than 3".