Shilian Finance

Shilian Finance is the leading blockchain media. Since its establishment, Shilian Finance has always adhered to "high standards and strict requirements", constantly improving technology, combining knowledge and expertise, and deeply mining industry information, and is committed to providing users with real Valuable and attitude-oriented blockchain industry news, newsletters, global market conditions, exclusive reports and special columns. At present, Shilian Finance has dozens of professional employees with rich experience and financial industry background.

In addition, Shilian Finance has rich experience and remarkable achievements in the field of blockchain exhibitions and publicity. Up to now, Shilian Finance has participated in and reported more than 2,000 blockchain activities, including more than 10 thousand-person conferences, more than hundreds of exclusive interviews, and more than 100 conferences with more than 100 people. He Yi, the co-founder of Binance, Jiang Zhuoer, the CEO of LBT Mining Pool, and Li Xiaolai, the tycoon of the currency circle, have conducted in-depth interviews with many celebrities and authoritative persons in the currency circle, and the accumulated articles have attracted nearly 10 million readers across the Internet.