Shilian Investment Research

Shilian Investment Research is affiliated to Shilian Group and is located in Singapore. It is a blockchain project investment research institution jointly built by a group of industry experts and global elites. Shilian Investment Research project analysis and evaluation field has rich experience and unique advantages. Provide early project research, project analysis report, project investment evaluation and high-quality project incubation and other services, aiming to bring more valuable, more perspective and attitude investment research analysis data for blockchain industry investment.

Shilian Investment Research has been working hard for many years, and has made great achievements in data collection, report writing, risk assessment, track analysis, etc., and has rich experience and resources. Welcome all high-quality project parties to come to negotiate.

Shilian Investment Research is affiliated to "Shilian Group" and was established in 2021. The core members of the team include practitioners from well-known investment institutions at home and abroad, BAT senior blockchain R&D experts, top talents in the financial field of Wall Street, and senior R&D or architects of famous enterprises. , Tsinghua University and other famous universities with a master's degree and a doctorate, with more than ten years of investment and operation experience in the global blockchain field and rich industry resources