Ripple vs. SEC: Crypto Legal Expert Breaks Down Upcoming Ruling in XRP Lawsuit
Summary:- Find Out More -A legal expert is weighing in on how the judge in the legal battle between U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple L

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An expert scholar has weighed how the dispute judge between the Foreign Stock Exchange Association (SEC) and Ripple Lab might handle it.

James K. Filan, the data encryption lawyer, indicated that he hoped that Analisa Torres, the US District Judge, would be prepared to release any document in the case when making a simple judgment, rather than before.

"There are three major problems that are difficult to solve:1) Introduction to the judgment motion, 2) the authority experts' suspicion ("Dubert motion"), and 3) the sealing problem of the authoritative experts' reports, Hinman documents and other materials relied on by SEC and Ripple in the motion. "

The SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple for the first time at the end of 2020, claiming that the third-party payment platform sold the encrypted asset XRP as unregistered securities.

Ripple won in law recently. At that time, the court ruled that his appeal was successful, saying that the SEC must provide Ripple as evidentiary documents, including an interesting speech by William Hinman, the former chief financial officer of the company, and relevant manuscripts and corporate emails.

Hinman emphasized in his speech in 2018 that ETH is not a security.

Filan indicated that because the Xinman document was still sealed, all the introductions of such documents in the court documents just submitted could be changed.

"As far as the Hinman document is concerned, I think the SEC will revise this introduction as before. I don't think Judge Torres will make a decision on the sealing problem immediately after January 9, because this may not be the form of Judge Torres to solve the rest of the case."

Filan indicated that the judge would probably make a comprehensive decision in her simple judgment, as he had done in previous cases.

"This is (the judge) in the case involving Goldman Sachs, which involved sealed objections, incomprehension to authoritative experts and simple motion for judgment. When he identified various issues, she made a ruling at the same time. In the footnote of the ruling paper, most of her said that if discussed in" my opinion ", this is a judicial document. I rely on it, which will be published.

"Therefore, I don't think we can hope to make an independent ruling on the sealing of authoritative experts' raw materials, Hinman documents or other materials relied on by both parties. I firmly believe that the girls will decide everything together until she makes a ruling on the motion of simple judgment, which will be a big written ruling."

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